March 29, 2015

Bob Markoff’s Letter Concerning Cook County Sheriff’s Proof of Summons Fee

$10 fee for proof of summons adds insult to injury To editor: The sheriff’s office has just made a difficult process even harder! They are adding injury ($10) to insult (blame). One of the first steps in proceeding with a suit is obtaining service upon a defendant. The case may not proceed without service. Furthermore, the First Municipal District of the Cook County Circuit Court has a rule that all initial summons MUST be given to the sheriff for service before a private process server may be appointed. The sheriff reports service to the court clerk, not to the plaintiff who delivers the summons and complaints (with a $60 fee) to the sheriff for service. The sheriff delivers the summons together with a return to […]
February 1, 2014

IICLE Author Spotlight: Robert G. Markoff

October 1, 2013

Bob Markoff quoted by Illinois Bar Journal

New citation procedures make enforcing debt-collection judgments easier Illinois Bar Journal,October 2013 • Volume 101 • Number 10 • Page 498, Available Online By Adam W. Lasker A new law reduces the role of sheriffs in collection proceedings and increases the power of courts and practitioners to enforce judgments. The Illinois General Assembly has enacted a law drafted by an ISBA section council member that is designed to streamline the process for enforcing judgments and to allow greater court supervision over debt-collection procedures. Governor Quinn signed Public Act 98-0557 on August 27, and effective Jan. 1, 2014, Illinois law will be changed in four substantive ways: to allow the recording of foreign judgments as liens on in-state property, to allow service of “bank garnishments” by […]
January 6, 2012

Misuse of arrest orders in civil cases persists

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