Markoff Law understands that the consumer debt collection industry is rapidly evolving. It has become cliché, but we understand that “compliance is the new performance.” Markoff Law has a Compliance Department that oversees the firm’s compliance management system (CMS). Markoff Law is committed to the highest standard of professional conduct and compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and rules of professional conduct.

Markoff Law also has an IT Department staffed with on-site Systems Administrators. The Department is tasked with ensuring network and data security. The firm utilizes Vertican Technologies as its collection software. This platform allows us to manage all aspects of our cases while keeping consumer and client information secure. All data is backed up to off-site servers and the firm has a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in case of business disruption. This Department is also responsible to help ensure we are using technology to maintain efficient and compliant processes.

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