September 27, 2016

Douglas Giese Lecturing Filing a Mechanics Lien in Illinois

Understand how to prepare and file your mechanics lien claim.This topic is designed for project owners, contractors, trade contractors, architects, engineers, vendors and others in the construction industry. You will learn how to prepare mechanics lien claims for private projects. You will learn the importance of filing your lien promptly to receive payment before other creditors. You will learn how your lien claim navigates through the bankruptcy courts. Although this topic is not geared towards attorneys, it will serve as an introduction to mechanics lien claims for those attorneys who do not regularly practice in the area.
November 25, 2015

Tyler Haynes authors leadership article for NARCA

March 29, 2015

Bob Markoff’s Letter to the Editor of the Chicago Law Bulletin

Letter to Editor: Readers hope to add more context to recent stories To editor: A recent article titled “Judge holds fines aren’t debts under federal collection law,” published in the Law Bulletin on April 18 discussed a federal lawsuit in which our firm was the defendant. The article may give readers an impression that because the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act does not apply to collecting fines for the city of Chicago, our firm violates the act with impunity as to such cases. This is not true. We follow the requirements of the FDCPA in all collection matters to the best of our ability. Our firm would have been successful on the merits of the claims against us had the matter proceeded to trial. We […]
March 29, 2015

Bob Markoff’s Letter Concerning Cook County Sheriff’s Proof of Summons Fee

$10 fee for proof of summons adds insult to injury To editor: The sheriff’s office has just made a difficult process even harder! They are adding injury ($10) to insult (blame). One of the first steps in proceeding with a suit is obtaining service upon a defendant. The case may not proceed without service. Furthermore, the First Municipal District of the Cook County Circuit Court has a rule that all initial summons MUST be given to the sheriff for service before a private process server may be appointed. The sheriff reports service to the court clerk, not to the plaintiff who delivers the summons and complaints (with a $60 fee) to the sheriff for service. The sheriff delivers the summons together with a return to […]
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